Week of 3/10

Here is the schedule for the week ahead:

Monday- 3-4 PM Lift, 8-9 PM at Salem Community Center
Tuesday- 5-7 PM**
Wednesday- 4-6 PM, Parent Meeting at 6:30
Thursday- 4-6 PM or 5-7 PM**
Friday- 3-5 PM
Saturday- Scrimmage at Sports Force Park in Sandusky, Ohio.  Bus leaves at 11:00 AM from park locker room.

**The weather looks pretty good this week and I believe we will be outside most likely Tuesday-Friday.  Players need to be prepared to be both inside and outside every single day.  We will move into our locker room at the school on Monday so players can store shoes for inside and out on the track/parking lot at the school.  We will also move into our field locker room so they will have the ability to store cleats and other outside gear at the park.  Practice will be at the field if possible and players will be informed by early afternoon the location of practice.  Thursday’s practice will depend on the rain and if the field is available or not.**

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