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March 7th, 2021

Happy Sunday Clippers!  What a great week for Clipper baseball.  We had a big drop in temperatures early and late in the week but Wednesday gave us the opportunity to get to the field and it was a great practice.  Anytime we can get to the field in early March is a huge bonus.  We were able to do some things that just are not possible in the gym.  Early this week, the weather looks great again and the plan is to be on the field for practice Monday and Tuesday with a scrimmage on Wednesday.

On Friday we threw live in the cage for the first time.  It was the first opportunity for our pitchers to see hitters and our hitters to see live pitching.  As we continue to build up our arms we will work to throw against live hitters more and more whether it be against ourselves or against opponents during scrimmages.


Our point policy will go into effect this week.  The entire policy can be found in the handbook.  A spreadsheet with points will be located on Google Classroom for players to access each day.

Parent Meeting:

The parent meeting will be posted this evening on Google Classroom.  Most likely I will not have it posted until after 8 or 9 PM today as I will wait until my son goes to bed so he doesn’t keep joining in the meeting.  The meeting will be a video and I will go through many of our policies for the upcoming season.  I will also include on the player classroom page a sign in sheet verifying that a parent and player watched the video.  I will try to keep it under 15 minutes but it is important to watch.  My goal is for everyone to have watched it by next weekend.

Week Ahead:

Brief look at the schedule for the week.  As always subject to change based on weather.

Monday: 3:30-5:30 at the field
Tuesday: 3:30-5:30 at the field
Wednesday: Varsity Scrimmage 4:00 at field.  Possibility that JV’s will go to Salem.  Their coach was going to work on field tomorrow and let me know.

Starting Thursday the chances of rain are up and temps are down.  Good chance we will be inside.

Thursday: 3-5:30 if inside.  3:30-5:30 if at field
Friday: 3-5:00 if inside.  3:30-5:30 if at field
Saturday: 8-10 AM if inside.  10-12 AM if at field

X Grain Sale:

The X Grain sale ends today.  Orders can be done online and all items will be sent to the school.


Schedule changes:

There have been a few changes to the schedule.  Please check the main page of the website to check those out.

That is all for today.  Enjoy the sunshine and looking forward to a great week of Clipper baseball.

Stay safe and Go Clippers!!!

For up to date information follow the Clippers on Twitter @columbiana_base.

Thank you and as always Go Clippers!!

Coach Wolf