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May 25th, 2021

I am a few days late with this weeks coaches corner.  I wanted to give a quick update as we close out the season.


Congratulations to our seniors who were honored on Sunday and have officially become alumni of Columbiana High School.  I wrote a short post on Sunday highlighting our seniors that you can access here.

The Season:

This season we played 53 games as a program which included an undefeated league season and an EOAC Title.  I’m hoping to add some posts in the next coming weeks highlighting each team individually and adding some of the pictures that I have from the season.  The Red squad finished the year at 17-10, the White squad 4-2, and the Black squad 10-10.

All league and District:

The All-EOAC selections should be out later in the week or early next week.  Also, I dropped off nominations for All District on Sunday at our coaches meeting at Berkshire High School.  The association will meet in the next few weeks and will release the teams within the next month.

Summer Ball:

We will once again be running our own summer league this year.  This season’s league will be six teams (Columbiana, East Liverpool, Salem, Southern, Beaver Local and Western Reserve).  The season will begin around June 7th and will run through the first week of July.  A tentative schedule will be given to the players today and I will post online once us coaches finalize it.

The summer league is designed as a way for our players who are not playing Class B or with another team to continue to play throughout June while being coached by the High School coaches.  There is no cost to play again this year.

Stay tuned for more updates in the next few weeks as we wrap up the school year and head into the summer.
Stay safe and Go Clippers!!!

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Thank you and as always Go Clippers!!

Coach Wolf