Winter Open Cage Schedule


Winter Open cages will begin on November 4th.  Typically open cages will be on Monday’s and Thursday’s in November and December from 3-4 pm.  A new calendar will be posted in December for the months of January and February.  If school is cancelled due to weather the open cage is also cancelled.

Open cages are for any student who is interested in participating in baseball this upcoming year who is not involved in a winter sport.  In addition to hitting in the cage we will also incorporate strength training and speed work into our workouts.

Players can bring their own bats and helmets but we will have team bats and helmets also available to use.

Open cage dates are as follows:

November 4,8,11,15,18,22,29
December 2,6,9,13,16,21,28

The times for the December 21st and 28th dates will be announced closer to the middle of December as this is winter break so we will have to work out with the basketball squads the best time to workout would be.  We should have access to the gym floor for these two dates.

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