Welcome to the 2022 Baseball Season

Welcome back Clippers!!

With school starting it is now time to look ahead to our 2022 season with an update:

  1. August is currently a no contact period for coaches and players.  We are not allowed to do anything baseball related or discuss baseball during this month.
  2. For those playing fall ball remember there cannot be more than 4 players on a team from one school who played with the program last year.  The exception to this rule would be if there are a mixture of players who played for the high school and those who were in junior high last year (incoming Freshman).  Since the incoming freshman were not a part of the squad last year they do not count toward the 4 player maximum.
  3. Due to field conditions and other conflicts (many coaches are coaching other fall sports) we will not be holding any open fields during the month of September.  However, stay tuned for an open cage schedule that most likely will begin in late October.
  4. The schedule is still being finalized with games to be added.  Once it is close to being finished it will be posted on the website.  Hopefully we will have it completed within the next couple of weeks.
  5. We have a number of baseball players competing in fall sports.  Best of luck to all of them as they represent the Clippers on the field!
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