31 Days of December Update

With the move to remote learning the sale and return of tickets has been a little more difficult.  If you sold tickets there we have a few different options to get the names to us.

  1. Email name, phone and email of buyer to Coach Wolf.  I will use a blank ticket and fill in the information and make sure that the ticket gets into the raffle.
  2. Take a picture and email or text to Coach Wolf of tickets sold.  I will use blank tickets and fill in the information.
  3. Drop off at the High School or Middle School office on Tuesday December 1st.

We also have a few options for turning in money for the tickets (I am not concerned about getting all the money before the raffle starts especially with how hectic things have gotten):

  1. You can use Venmo or PayPal to pay for the tickets.  If you would like to do this please contact Coach Wolf and I will give you the information needed to complete the transaction.
  2. Drop money off at High School or Middle School Office
  3. Email Coach Wolf that you are holding onto the money and will send with player as soon as we are back in school.  If player is at school for another sport or comes to Open Cages you can send money then also.

Remember that tickets can be sold all through the month of December despite the raffle starting on December 1st.  The earlier tickets are in the raffle the more chances to win.

The prize calendar as of 11/27 is below.  Adjustments may still be made if we get anymore donations with calendar being finalized 11/30.

31 Days of December Prize Calendar

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