31 Days of December Tickets On Sale

Tickets for our 31 Days of December fundraiser are now on sale.  Tickets are $20 and each tickets gives you 31 opportunities to win a prize.  There will be one ticket pulled each day during the month of December.  The winning ticket will win the prize for that day.  The winning ticket will be put back into the group of tickets giving each ticket buyer multiple chances to win.

Prizes include various cash prizes including $1000 on Christmas Day.  A number of gift cards valued at $25+ will also be given away along with some other prizes.  The final prize calendar will be posted on the baseball website by the end of November.

Tickets can be purchased from a baseball player or by contacting Coach Wolf at ryan.wolf@columbianaschools.org.  Tickets can be purchased throughout November and December, but tickets purchased before December 1st give the buyer the most chances to win.  Any questions please contact Coach Wolf.

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