31 Days of December Fundraiser

The baseball and volleyball teams will be running a “31 Days of December” raffle this coming December to help raise money for both programs.  With both large fundraisers cancelled last year (Purse Bingo, L&M) due to Covid-19 both programs are looking for fun ways to help raise money and support its athletes.  “31 Days of December” will be a raffle with a winner drawn each day of the month for various prizes.  Most prizes will be gift cards or cash valued at $25 or more with a $1000 prize given away December 25th.  More details will be coming about ticket sales and a calendar of prizes in the near future.

Right now both programs are looking for donations to help support the raffle.  Gift cards valued at $25+ or cash of any amount will gladly be accepted.  Please reach out to Coach Wolf or Coach Martin if you are interested in making a donation and helping support the programs.

For more information on how the fundraiser will impact the baseball program click here:

31 Days of December Event

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