2020 Clipper Seniors

This years Clipper baseball squad had 8 seniors on it.  The year was not what we had hoped but for the short time that we were all together it was great.  We will always have the memories we have made throughout the past 4 years and those can never be taken away from us.  Now it is time to forge ahead and make new memories but one thing will always be constant, these 8 seniors will always be Clippers and always be valued members of the Clipper baseball family.

To see more about each individual senior you can check it out his senior spotlight:

Sunday April 19th: Hunter Zentner

Monday April 20th: Quenton Cross

Tuesday April 21st: Matt Mazei

Wednesday April 22nd: Jakob Cross

Thursday April 23rd: Ryan Fahs

Friday April 24th: Hunter Mackall

Saturday April 25th: Chase Franken

Sunday April 26th: Carter Pasco

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