Senior Spotlight: Carter Pasco

Beginning Sunday, I will be running a daily Senior Spotlight about our 8 seniors.  Each day will highlight a senior and some of the accomplishments he has made throughout his high school career.  The highlights will be run on the website with graphics also posted on Twitter and the Instagram account.

Carter Pasco Senior SpotlightCarter rejoins the team this year after taking two years off from baseball.  As a freshman Carter was a valuable member of the JV squad and was excited to get a chance to play again his senior year.  Carter is a very versatile player able to play a multitude of positions.  His athleticism helps him tremendously behind the plate as a catcher and also as an outfielder.  As a pitcher, Carter provides consistency on the mound.

Carter has played a number of sports at Columbiana.  He has lettered in both football and basketball.  In 2018, he was played outside linebacker and was a special teams star of the EOAC champion football team.  During this past basketball season he was a starting guard and 3 point specialist for the EOAC champion hoops team.

In the classroom, Carter is an extremely hard worker and has received excellent grades his entire school career.  He uses the same work ethic in the classroom that he applied in sports to help make him very successful.

What Coach Wolf says:

“I am really excited that Carter decided to come back out for baseball this season.  Despite our season being cut short I saw the pure joy that the game brought him over the few weeks of practice that he was able to attend.  I have been lucky enough to coach Carter in both football and baseball and have him in class for the last two years.  He is one of my go to kids in the classroom when I need to get something done and his creativity and work ethic shine in everything that he does.  He is very polite and cares about the people around him.  He is a person that when a tough situation presents itself he is going to step up and lead.  It is because of these qualities that I know Carter’s future will be incredibly successful.”

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