Spring Sports Update-May 9th

Yesterday the OHSAA released an updated version to the spring sports calendar.  If schools start back May 4th there will be a 5 day acclimation (practice) period with games starting May 9th.  The tournament will begin May 23rd and run through the state finals which would conclude on June 21st.

With that being said, at this point there has been no change to the limit of games that a team can play (27 currently in a season).  As with previous years, teams can continue to play even after the tournament and this year regular season games can be played up until June 27th.

Talking to our AD, she is working on a new schedule and it is in its infant stages.  The EOAC is currently discussing the new league schedule and non league games would be picked up afterwards.  Once a schedule has been made we will be sure to update it and put it out to the team.

All of this is contingent on Governor DeWine allowing schools to re-open.  The OHSAA has made it clear that if schools do not open that there will not be a spring season.  Let’s continue the good work we have been doing throughout the past month and hope for the best.

You can read the full OHSAA release and time table here: OHSAA Spring Sports Update

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