Weekend Baseball Movie Pick

With no baseball on TV I’ve decided to continue to make some recommendations for baseball movies or games to watch.  Earlier this week I recommended watching the Baseball documentary by Ken Burns which is being streamed for free by PBS.  This weekends recommendation is one of my favorite baseball movies and a true classic….The Natural.

Starring Robert Redford as a gifted baseball player who was destined for great things, The Natural follows his path of adversity before finally reaching the big leagues at the age of 35 and he quickly becomes one of the most feared hitters in the game.  The overall baseball action in the movie is quite good and it contains two of my all time favorite movie scenes.

The Natural can currently be streamed on Netflix.

If you happen to get a chance to watch this movie send me an email as to what you think my two favorite scenes are.  I think they are pretty obvious but feel free to guess.  Baseball cards to the players with the correct answers once we get back.

-Coach Wolf-

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