OHSAA Update-March 19th

Dr. Jerry Snodgrass, the executive director of the OHSAA, held a press conference Thursday at noon to update the status of the winter sport tournaments and the spring sport seasons.  Here are the highlights of the press conference concerning our baseball season:

Currently, we are scheduled to start practice April 6th when school resumes with games beginning on April 11th.

If Governor DeWine extends school closings, the start of the season will also be pushed back.

The no contact period that has been initiated while school is out is to comply with CDC recommendations on social gatherings.

Dr. Snodgrass stated that coaches are allowed to talk to players electronically and that players are encouraged to continue working out at home.  With that being said, Dr. Snodgrass said it is ok for players to reach out to coaches for workouts to do on their own at their house.  I encourage any player who would like an idea for a drill or recommendations to please contact one of the coaches as we would be happy to assist you with ideas.  Again we are not allowed to work with you in person but based on what Dr. Snodgrass has said are allowed to give you ideas for parts of the game to work on.  Please email Coach Wolf (ryan.wolf@columbianaschools.org) or any of the other coaches (if you need their addresses Coach Wolf can supply you with them) with any questions you may have.  Additionally, we are here for more than just baseball so if you need to reach out just to talk please do so.

Players are reminded that they are still unable to workout or participate with their summer league team.  These restrictions are in place to help fight the pandemic.

Most importantly the spring sports window is still open.  There is some wiggle room with the schedule and tournaments even if the season gets pushed into May.

I will continue to you to update as I am given more information.  I know that every time we watch the news the outlook seems glum, but we must do our best to stay positive.  The number one thing we can do in these next 2-4 weeks is win this war with COVID-19.  If we can do that then I am confident that baseball will be played again.

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