Baseball Update #2

Clipper players,

I write to you today to use caution with the choices you make in these next few days and weeks.  The state of Ohio has shut down establishments that people often visit and the federal government has just recommended that people not get together in groups of 10 or more.  All of these precautions are to help slow down the spread of this virus and will hopefully give us the chance to play baseball again this season.  As hard as it is to put down the bat and glove for the time being lets make decisions that will benefit us in the long run.  I understand how hard it is to just stop this great game.  It hurts every time I step outside and am unable to work with you in the game that we all love, but I still believe baseball will again be played this season if we follow the precautions set forth before us.

Legion Field will be off limits for anyone at this time.  Since our season has begun Legion Field is technically a school field and per the OHSAA all school facilities must be shut down at during the 3 week school shutdown.  There will be signs placed on the field and anyone using it may be asked to leave.

Again there are no formal practices or recommendations from our staff to practice.  The OHSAA has shut down the baseball season for the three weeks that schools are shut down and we should do our best to follow the recommendations of the OHSAA and the state of Ohio.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or a coach.  I know this is a hard time for you and we are here for you.  Feel free to call or text if you want to just talk baseball, recommendations on classic games to watch or just talk about life.

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