Baseball Update

Here is the latest news from the OHSAA concerning the baseball season:

Coaches are not allowed to hold organized practices or open fields/cages with players until April 6th.

Starting April 6th, mandatory practices can resume.

Games can begin April 11th with the tournament schedule the same.  Currently there are no plans to shorten the season from 27 games.

As a reminder, players are not allowed to participate in practices or contests with outside teams (summer ball teams) during this time either.  Practicing or participating in contests with another team could jeopardize eligibility for the player.

This entire situation is fluid, however.  Changes may (and probably will) be made to this schedule.  I will keep you updated as fast as I know.  Game schedules will be updated as soon as possible, but since we are still in the early stages it will take a few days or weeks to figure it out.



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