March 1st- The Week Ahead

Here is a snapshot of the week ahead.  The temperatures this week look pretty good so we have a chance to be outside every day but Monday.  Also, there is a chance we could be on the field later in the week so stay tuned.  If practice is at the field we will practice 3:30-5:30.

Monday: 5-6 PM at Salem Community Center (BP Gear)

Tuesday: 3-5 PM (Practice Uniform)

Wednesday: 5-7 PM (BP Gear)

Thursday: 3-5 PM (Practice Uniform)

Friday: 3-5 PM (BP Gear)

Saturday: No Practice- Power Meet

**Players are encouraged to have pants, long sleeve shirt and spikes with them every day.  If we can go outside, LS shirts are a must and cleats will be needed if we can get on the field or in grassy areas**

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