Purse Bingo Update

So far we have had a great response to our Purse Bingo Fundraising event.  Tickets are going fast as all but five have been handed out.  Our goal is to sell all 350 tickets and we are on the right track right now.  If you have tickets left that you know you cannot sell please return to Coach Wolf as we have many people questioning how to get tickets and can work to sell them for you.

Also, please bring in sold tickets with their stubs as they are sold so we can keep track of ticket sales.

Lastly, we are still looking for purse donations or prize donations for the event.  This event will be a great time and we have some great prizes continuing to come in but the more we can offer the better.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to e-mail Coach Wolf or contact Renee Kenneally.

Thank you for your support

Go Clippers!!

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